Cory’s Story

Born and bred on New Zealand’s rugged West Coast, I grew up on a dairy farm, about as far as you can get from New Zealand’s ‘City of Sails’ in Auckland.

At seven years old I fell in love with the idea of sailing the world. I’d read a book about Sir Peter Blake, and feeling the thrill of adventure in those pages, I knew I had to get into sailing. So that summer, I did, and from the very first time I sailed, I was hooked.

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The Plan

Hailing from Greymouth on the isolated West Coast of NZ’s South Island, Cory has already achieved a staggering amount for someone of his age. His drive and commitment led him to become the youngest person ever to complete the Solo Trans Tasman yacht race, at just nineteen years old. And his plans for the next four years include some of the world’s toughest and most gruelling solo yacht races.

“Sir Peter Blake – he is the reason I got into sailing, and the reason why I want to keep sailing. To become half the man he was, as a sailor, a leader, and a New Zealander; would be my ultimate achievement.”

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Get Involved

Following in the footsteps of Sir Peter Blake, Cory’s goal is to achieve greatness in one of the toughest and most gruelling sports there is – solo offshore sailing.

Solo offshore sailing captures the attention of audiences around the globe, and gives brands a direct line to the people they need to reach. As part of Cory McLennan’s solo offshore sailing campaign, your brand has a unique opportunity to be part of a real Kiwi success story in the making.

This is your chance to be associated with one of the most exciting young talents in sailing, and share in Cory’s adventure as he follows in the footsteps of his idol – Sir Peter Blake.

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